Leo Degreco

Graduate from ''La Femis'', french film school. But in my Pigall studio in Paris I was mostly occupied by writing space script for my future film "Monalisa". With luck of money film never go to production and, my .future collapse........... But I know a very successful "art star" with piles of money and prizes and she's not only a dim bulb but her ex-boyfriend did most of her early work for her. After she made it, she could have (and did) shit on ten dollar bills and sold them for ten million? .............I see it as crap just like the Dushomps urinal. But? I'll be frank: French film school seems like a piece of shit with a bow on it. I'm 30 +, and and, and at this point, I'm not to sure about if I should go to get diploma at all. I'm American, which means pretty much every thinks is a huge scam. It sucks, but that's reality. However...my art work was critically impressive and thrown five new franks at during its infancy at an film school...and so an and an, no need to be shame and it since I've been actually thrown ten new franks out with in different areas in fact.

I'm very intelligent and opinionated, and that gets many detractors: but not to get into ME too much, and off addressing what needs to be:? La Femis Studio was transformed into a art gallery, serviceable only from a narrow doorway, built with the experience of exclusivity in mind (with space only for a few painting to experience the principle vantage point at a time). ....It worth knowing, perhaps, Picasso has, for many years worked and have residence , and studio in next block. Though it might seem like a stretch to reach for resume as artist..but is not? I'm not Picasso running with vagina of his wife as resume. .... Without jumping into the fray of making resume I'll ad kinda unrelated, but kinda not at the same time-the fact that in film school women ( curator ) come to lecture us of art, after fuck her she give me twenty new franks for my painting? opinion matter as much....and My thinking has really evolved into something new - and has officially made an impact on my paradigm. Oh how? I change my name to DeGreco> or I should change it to Hirst? ........and in my mind bulbs light up - art doesn't reproduce what we see; rather it makes us see what is nothing? It just gripped my soul, It was so refreshing, still is 25 yrs + on.? And + yrs on will be,,,,,,,, it set my artistic agenda? ...... Whether it’s ... not MOCA or Picasso? ... perpetuity of my new esthetic have form , and not........Picasso ....and his enjoyment of living in brick brownstone, with no toilet. Only toilet was in the basement - that pushes such investigation of Picasso watching women pissing in the basement, as the phenomenological influence of his art. . .. and world art .... and all new artist.The readymade materials—are mixed the standardized chaos batch imperfection, crocked lines and drips go through out canvas in view and appearance of vagina or does refers to actual vagina - new meaning to art. Yes, Yes, we live in unique time where old esthetic criteria are not applied any moor .........?

La Femis

Events: Miami Basel

Exhibitions: Yell gallery